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How Does Coupons and More of Camarillo Differ From Other Direct Mail Coupon Publications?

1. We’re Consistent.
Unlike other publications whose Account Executives change with the seasons and whose main objective is to “make the sale,” with Coupons and More of Camarillo, a long term relationship is the goal. Owner/Operator, Maria Combs oversees every aspect of your service from concept to development to implementation….from delivery to billing. She has the split second ability to make decisions and will go the extra mile to ensure you’re completely satisfied. You know who you’re dealing with every month and there is great pride in going the extra mile for clients. As a result of this, many merchants have been Coupons and More advertisers for over 15 years; and they continue to provide monthly coupons to their loyal customers.

2. We’re Dependable & Trustworthy
Without fail, our issues are mailed each month. (See our Calendar for In-home dates.) We’re not some fly-by-night operation. We’ve been in business since 1987. Our reputation demands that our publication is mailed out ON TIME…EVERY TIME…IN FULL CIRCULATION. Unlike other publications who may skip a month here or there because of lack of advertisers…or who may stray from their intended publication date…or may not necessarily mail to their full distribution, we stand behind our word. Reliability on Postal and Mailing Services means one less thing for a business to worry about.

3. We’re Your Local Savings Guide – 95% of Our Advertisers are locally based in Camarillo and Somis.
Because of this, you can feel good that the money you spend on these businesses goes to families who primarily live and work in Camarillo and the adjacent towns – pumping more dollars into your local economy! The more local advertisers, the more likely that the issues are retained, for month-long savings. There are NO REGIONAL ADVERTISING SEGMENTS. WE CATER TO THE LOCAL ECONOMY.

4. We’re Really Nice People!
So nice that we very often run Trivia Contests and Giveaways as our way of saying “Thanks for Supporting Your Local Businesses!” The prizes are in the form of gift certificates that are purchased by Coupons and More – not given away by the advertisers. And yes, we’re professional and easy to work with, too!

5. We’re Affordable.
For as little as .004 cents per home, Coupons and More is an affordable direct mail print vehicle. Expertise and efficiency in service, added online exposure, and contests & prizes featuring advertisers, all add to the overall sound investment in Coupons and More as part of your marketing mix.

6. Realistic Goals
Coupons and More of Camarillo is realistic in its advertising expectations. We know that we can’t be everything to every business. Nor do we claim to be anybody’s marketing hero. A local and dependable direct reponse print vehicle even in today’s electronic age is just one very important facet of a business’ marketing strategy. Whether your advertising strategy is to generate new customers; to provide your community with monthly savings to encourage and reward loyalty; or to simply let your neighbors know of a new product or service….Coupons and More will help you accomplish all of these objectives. Our business is to get YOU business – by driving people in the door through direct response couponing. We’ll help you develop a compelling offer with eye-catching graphics to successfully market your business. However, remember…. in coupon advertising…..the biggest sell is in the offer!
Well respected within the community, and a member of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce, Coupons and More is proud to sponsor local charities such as Camarillo Hospice, Casa Pacifica and Camarillo Ranch House.

Coupons and More provides expert Graphic Design from our dedicated artist, Kim, who designs specifically and singularly for Coupons and More. The result is nothing less than creative, eye-catching graphics and layouts.

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